Auto Clicking Made Easy! is a state-of-the-art auto clicker for your computer. This auto clicker can be operated either by choosing a cursor location on your computer screen or by opting for a dynamic cursor location where the clicker will follow the trail of your cursor pointer. The clicker will also allow you to choose the maximum number of clicks and the click intervals for the same with no upper limit on the former. To enable faster operation, the auto clicker also allows you to use hotkeys in the background.

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Flexible Click Rates

The Autoclicker will allow a vast array of click rates, for example 500 per second.

Click Limitations

This feature lets the mouse click to a certain limit that can be customized by the user.

Dual Activation Mode

There two main modes, one is called the Switch mode that will allow the Autoclicker to click only as long as the hotkey is pressed. The second is Hold, which allows the auto clicker to click until the hotkey is pressed again.

Anti-Detection Mode

This feature enables the auto clicker to recognise any unauthorised third party software trying to take over the click tool.


Exclusive Auto Clicker Features

  •       You can either choose to fix a location on your screen by inputting the X and Y coordinates or enable the auto clicker to click at a dynamic location.
  •       You can choose the number of times your auto clicker will click with no upper limit (unlimited clicks until stopped).
  •       You can choose the type of click, that is, the left or the right mouse button.
  •       You can choose between single, double, or triple clicks.
  •       You can set hotkeys that work as keyboard shortcuts when the clicker is playing in the background.
  •       The auto clicker gives you memory to store the last settings (parameters) and immediately start working with it.
  • is free and open source.
  •       Does not contain advertisements.
  •       Low CPU usage & Portable
  •       The clicker is thoroughly checked for viruses and malware.

How to Use Auto Clicker

  1.  The first step to using the auto clicker is to download it from the link given in this website. The auto clicker is malware free and can be downloaded and used on both Windows and Mac devices.
  2.  After you have downloaded the clicker, launch the setup files and start the installation process. Once done, the interface of will pop up on your screen. Here you can make the necessary changes as per your requirement.
  3. Choose a click interval of your liking. The time divisions given are in hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. If you want the fastest click settings, set all the time divisions to zero.
  4.  The Click Options parameter allows you to choose between left or right clicks. You can further choose whether you want single, double, or triple clicks as per your requirement.
  5.  Now comes the cursor position option. The speciality of this clicker is that it allows you to choose a dynamic cursor position target area. You also have the traditional option of choosing a particular location on the screen. Set the cursor position accordingly.
  6. Finally, choose a hotkey if you want to use the clicker from the background while other apps are running. In general, using a hotkey makes the clicker experience better.
  7. While these steps can get you started with the basic working of the clicker, you can also move to advanced settings like recording a particular sequence of clicks if you have a work requirement of such kind.

Technical Specifications


Click Interval – Click Interval determines the time lapsed between two consecutive clicks. You can input the desired click interval in hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. By default, the AutoClicker will click with a click interval of 100 milliseconds. The auto clicker can achieve its fastest click interval time when all the time divisions are set to zero.

Click Options – Click Options determines the mouse button and the click type that you want to use. The mouse button parameter has a drop down list that contains Left Click and Right Click as the two options. The Click Type has a drop down list that contains Single, Double, or Triple clicks as the three options.

Click Repeat – Click Repeat determines the number of times the clicker will click before it comes to a pause. There are two options in the user interface for this setting. The first one is where you can manually enter the number of times you want the clicker to click. The second option is to leave the clicker repeat setting as ‘Repeat Until Stopped’. The latter will have no upper limit and will continue clicking until stopped (unlimited clicks).

Cursor Position – Cursor Position determines the target area of the click. Either a specific location on the screen given by the location’s X and Y coordinates can be selected or the position can be left as ‘Current Location’ (dynamic cursor location).

Hotkey Settings – Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts to start and stop the clicker while it is running in the background. By default, F6 is the given hotkey that can be changed anytime from the ‘Hotkey Settings’.


I had been looking for an authentic autoclicker that would be virus free for a long time now as there are so many clickers in the industry that turn out to be corrupt. has provided me with the safety that I had been looking for and I have happily recommended this clicker to my friends and family.
Thomas Cook:
MineCraft Pro Gamer
I found AutoClickerz to have an extremely friendly user interface. As I use this clicker mainly for gaming purposes, the double click option has been of great help. Overall, the clicker performs according to my expectations and I like the fact that you can place a hotkey. The infinite clicks option has surely solidified my position in the gaming circuit :
Konrad Lawrence:
Automation Expert
I absolutely love it! Great for simulator games where you have to keep clicking. It’s also really cool how you can set your own hotkey, and it has no faults and works perfectly. The clicker takes less than 20 seconds to install and once you choose a basic setting, you are good to go. I totally recommend this clicker! Keep up the good work.
Pro Gamer


Most frequent questions and answers

Once you have downloaded and installed an auto clicker, launch it. Fill in the parameters given in the user interface and choose a hotkey to start and stop the clicker. Once done, press the hotkey and your clicker will start clicking.

Auto Clickers are not illegal per se. As it finds most use in the gaming community, it sometimes disrupts the integrity of a player using an auto clicker instead of physically clicking on a mouse.

Yes, is completely safe and malware free. The clicker is thoroughly tested for viruses and if found, removed instantly. You can safely download this clicker.

Yes, Hypixel is coded in a way that it can detect and any other auto clicker for that matter.

As mentioned in the article, after you have downloaded the clicker, fill in the setting that you want for the clicker and press the hotkey to see the clicker in action.

It is compatible with Windows 10 and can be easily downloaded from the link given in the clicker’s website.

It is compatible with Mac OS and can be easily downloaded from the link given in the clicker’s website.

No registration is required to download the clicker. All you have to do is simply click on the download link.

You should set all the time divisions in the Clicker Interval to 0.

Auto Clicker

AutoClicker is a free, open source application that helps the gamers in automated mouse clicking on computer screen.

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